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Jingle all the way to Christmas Sales with our latest insight where we explore the trends in our customers’ transaction histories to map out what this year's peaks may look like.

Christmas Report 2021 Graphic Report

This year, planning has never been more important – especially with the uncertainty of COVID still looming. So making sure you get the most out of this active retail month can be crucial.

Our report sheds a new light on the sectors and products that thrived online during Christmas 2020 and what this might mean for 2021. By taking a focus on current consumer attitudes, this has also allowed us to make some predictions about how high, how wide and how many spikes you can expect in your category.

Download your copy to get an insight covering the following topics:

    • Industry overview
    • Pre and post covid online transaction data
    • Key patterns
    • Key metrics by sector
    • Trends keeping online peaks high in 2021
    • How to guide: Getting on shoppers wishlists

Get your skates on, it’s almost here. Add sparkle and make your sales ring with our Christmas report.

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