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Online retailers are slowly beginning to capitalise on the opportunities that integrating an augmented reality experience into their store can provide for them.

But what actually is augmented reality and how does it work? We’ll explore how online retailers are successfully optimising augmented reality for the e-Commerce industry.

Augmented Reality Explained…

Augmented reality (AR) in the simplest of terms is the combination of computer-generated imagery within a user’s real-world surroundings. The way in which AR is used can vary but may include sound, video, graphics and more. The technology works with the physical world in real time and can respond to changes in the surrounding area.

How Does It Relate to eCommerce?

When applied correctly augmented reality can give eCommerce retailers the ability to engage and connect with their customers even after a purchase has been made. The younger generation in particular, are the drivers behind this change to a more interactive, personal shopping experience.

Did you know that in 2021, 1.5 billion consumers aged between 13-69, said they used Augmented Reality daily? Did you also know that it just so happens, we have partnered with some of our clients to help them be a part of the 1% of retailers that have jumped ahead-of-the-curve and began using Augmented Reality as part of their eCommerce experience for consumers?

Marker-Based Technology

Marker-based augmented reality works on the basis of a marker image activating the experience, common examples of this include QR codes and item packaging. The experience is then designed to disappear once the user is no longer triggering the original marker. This method of AR is a great way of engaging with customers post purchase too.Top Tip: Why not trial out AR on your product packaging so when the customer receives their item, they can interact with the brand in a new way.We partnered with our client Foxy Locks, who specialise in luxurious hair extensions, to create a unique shopping experience, allowing consumers to ‘choose their next shade’ through an immersive filter. This allowed them to engage and connect with their consumers, as well as educating them about their products and brand.Through this initiative, Foxy Locks has seen a 65% increase in link clicks from new users, their cost per click reduced by 11% and their average return on ad spend increased too.

Don’t Forget…

To invest time improving your Google search ranking and make sure you’re visible when customers are searching for you. For the digitally savvy younger generation, this could even mean increasing engagement across your social media channels.

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