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Our Top 5 comparisons to Magento

eCommerce Ecosystem

While Visualsoft is an eCommerce ecosystem that delivers everything you need to grow online, including award-winning digital marketing services, Magento is purely an eCommerce platform. It doesn’t build, host or support stores, so if you choose it as the solution for your business, you’ll also need to arrange service contracts with a separate hosting provider and appoint a web development agency that has significant experience of its software.

Superfast Stores

Magento’s platform is undeniably vast, however it’s complex too, and as a result some web developers find it difficult to optimise its software to ensure your store is as performant as possible. At Visualsoft, our User-First Storefronts are built on the AMP framework - originally created by Google - to deliver superfast page speeds, impressive Lighthouse scores, and outstanding user experience particularly on mobile devices. These factors are incredibly important to shoppers as well as Google’s search engine algorithm, which factors mobile page speeds into its rankings.

Platform-Wide Security

With over 22 years’ eCommerce experience, we know that security is one of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers which is why we’re certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. We provide a wide range of security measures to protect our clients’ stores as well as their customers, and as a retailer on our platform you don’t need to regularly download the latest versions of our software to keep your store secure. We automatically deploy new code as well as security updates and patches to stores on our platform to mitigate potentially serious data breaches which unfortunately can and does happen with other systems.

Expert Support & Accountability

Every online store we build is powered by our proprietary platform, developed entirely within the UK. This means our support teams are platform experts who are able to quickly identify and address issues. It also reduces frustration for our clients as we’re accountable for full service delivery, eliminating the need to speak with multiple providers when there’s a challenge or opportunity for growth.

Inclusive Features & Cost-Effective Development

Development expenditure can be a costly concern for online retailers if you want to expand the functionality of your store, particularly if your web development agency is working with a complicated third party platform. With Visualsoft, all features are inclusive and can be easily added to your store as it grows, and as part of our Enterprise solution we also offer bespoke development that’s cost-effective as it’s carried out by platform specialists.

Visualsoft Your Magento alternative eCommerce Platform & Ecosystem

✓ No large set up fees and no hidden costs as you grow
✓ UK based website development, support & digital marketing agency
✓ Multiple checkout options for faster conversions
✓ Feature rich, fast, scalable & secure
✓ So much more than technology. It's the people

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