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Creating a Successful Easter Marketing Campaign Made Simple

Easter is well known as a religious traditional holiday but as consumer behaviour changes, there’s an increasing market for online shopping as more shoppers turn to purchasing their items via tablets and phones. This year-on-year growth, only further iterates the importance of preparing the right Easter campaign for your brand.

There are a number of ways that you can take advantage of an Easter campaign to improve sales and raise brand awareness. Whilst we are solely looking at Easter at the moment, these tips and ideas can be extended into any holiday campaign you have planned for the year.

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So, how do you get your campaign ready for Easter?

Make Family Time a Key Focus

Finding a way that your brand can incorporate a sense of togetherness and family time into your Easter theme, is a great angle to take if it aligns with your business’ core values. Or, even focusing on generating good feelings about your brand can still build loyalty and relations amongst your customer base.

Try out a Competition or Giveaway

Giveaways and competitions are a really popular and effective way of generating engagement and extending brand reach, particularly on social media. Why not try encouraging your follower base to upload their own user generated content and use your brand Easter hashtag to keep track of entries. It’s important to remember however, that your barrier to entry should be well in line with the desirability of the prize that you're offering. For example, bear in mind that it’s not effective to offer a £5 voucher for an entry process that would take the consumer 15 minutes.

The Packaging Experience

Sending your product off for delivery in custom Easter packaging is a surefire way to grasp your customers’ attention. Why not try a spring Easter ‘basket’ by bundling together some Easter-themed treats, or if you’re after something more simple, you could swap out your usual brand colours for some spring pastels.

Extending The Life of Your Campaign

Generally speaking, the Easter run up sees increasing sales of flowers, Easter eggs, cards and even groceries, but even after the arrival of Easter Sunday, the buying doesn’t stop there. With schools still on break and a wave of workers taking holidays, there's plenty of opportunity for online shopping, in particular garden items and household goods tend to sell very well over this period - so if you get your strategy spot on, you can reap the rewards throughout the Easter weekend and even beyond.

Should your brand avoid Easter Marketing?

Your marketing campaign messaging can be an essential part of attracting, or in some cases, alienating your audience. Easter is commonly linked with bunnies, eggs and chocolate but it is still for many people, a deeply religious day.

Keeping this in mind, your brand may agree that it is actually best to avoid using an Easter theme at all, or alternatively, marketing your campaign with a spring focus instead. This would give you the chance to appeal to a broader audience and stretch your marketing materials out for a little longer than Easter would usually allow for.

In many cases, brands will be able to find a way to connect their product or service with Easter, so embrace it! Linking your brand with the Easter holiday and symbols like eggs, pastels and animals is a technique that’s usually well received by shoppers.

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