Home & Garden Trends Set To Soar In 2022

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Discover the key trends driving the Home & Garden eCommerce sector growth in 2022

The online home and garden sector is expected to soar over the next few years. Brands are embracing the opportunities that come with an omni-channel presence after realising that the traditional bricks and mortar approach is unlikely to work in isolation.

Digitalisation and more specifically, website personalisation tools, play a vital part in all this. Automation and process optimisation have given brands the chance to scale at unprecedented rates.

But what are the reasons behind this sudden boost in consumer spending? Well, there are many factors that come into play…

Home & Garden Customers are Evolving

Millennials have grown up and are buying their first home which is amongst their top priorities. Since house prices are higher than ever, many are having to compromise, potentially meaning smaller or older homes that require renovation or in other words time and money. This has naturally reflected a higher rate of sales for home and garden eCommerce retailers.

Even those that rent still hold their surroundings in high regard despite the confines of rental agreements. But, this shift in consumer behaviour can’t be solely attributed to the younger generation.

Baby boomers also present a great target for home and garden brands. As they come of retirement age, many like to spend their additional time undertaking home or garden projects.

Don’t Forget…

To invest time improving your Google search ranking and make sure you’re visible when customers are searching for you. For the digitally savvy younger generation, this could even mean increasing engagement across your social media channels.

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Social Media is King

It’s common practice for shoppers looking to redesign their home, to head straight to social media to look for inspiration. Channels like Instagram and Pinterest have proved to be particularly lucrative for home and garden eCommerce, bursting with photography to inspire those home and garden enthusiasts.

In addition, home and garden influencers like Mrs Hinch have taken the industry by storm. Mrs Hinch has built up her 4 million Instagram following through her passion for cleaning and furnishing her home with affordable homeware, collaborating with leading sector brands. Any products featured on her feed sell-out instantly, a marketer’s dream!

Don’t Forget…

To consider the advantages of growing your own online community. Why not think about how you can leverage user-generated content for your brand. Showcase the amazing results your customers are achieving through your products.

The Long Lasting Impact of Covid-19

With consumers on an international level, restricted to their homes, it’s safe to say that they acted quickly to make their home environment as bearable as possible..

For example, home offices are now essential fixtures as the world’s workforce have adopted ‘flexible’ approaches. Desks and office chairs sold out almost instantly during the lockdown period.

But now that the dust has had time to settle, interest is shifting from quick, obvious wins like a home gym or BBQ to other projects that can offer a sense of relaxation such as gardening.

Don’t Forget…

To use interesting content that helps to replicate the in-store experience. For example if you want to give a garden furniture set an extra bit of ompf, guide the user towards a helpful video that shows a 360-degree view of the product and how to put it together.

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For your brand to really capitalise on the increased consumer demand, it is crucial that you get personal with your target market. If you create a personalised online experience, you’re much more likely to not only improve your conversion rate but also increase your average order value.

At Visualsoft, we have personalised thousands of customer journeys for clients all over the world. If you’d like to see how our platform can help you with your growth, book a free demo today.