Case Study

Hot Diamonds Sparkle Brighter With Visualsoft

Hot Diamonds partnered with VS after needing to improve their end user sales. They did not however want to upset their B2B base in doing so. Strategists suggested a shift in their campaigns and adding mood boards to email marketing and also to the site when new products are released which adds an inspiration to purchase. Strat also suggested a number of influencers for their demographic who they managed to and picked Jacqueline Jossa who they are currently working with for a new range. PPC has worked well for them as a platform, as has Paid Social Media. We set up their automated email journeys as well via our managed Email Service. We will be complimenting influencer marketing moving forward as have a few more planned!

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After replatforming from Magento, coming on for PPC and Paid Social:

Increase in unique purchases
Performance data based on January - June 2021, compared to the same period in 2020
Increase in transactions
Performance data based on January - June 2021, compared to the same period in 2020
“We made the move from Magento to VS via Optimum in November 2020 and the results have been very positive. The development of the site was professionally managed and, since our launch, revenue has been growing very strongly driven by increased conversion rates and average order values. The relationship between ourselves and Visualsoft feels much more like a partnership compared with a traditional web agency/client relationship. When we want to make bespoke changes to our front-end, for example, the costs involved are very palatable. This encourages us to constantly perfect our web store, which further increases revenue and both Hot Diamonds and Visualsoft benefit as a result. The shared success principle is so refreshing to be a part of, and we would be very reluctant to revert to a traditional web agency/client relationship having now experienced this much more collaborative model. Carla is always on the end of the phone offering advice and support and we are looking forward to further growth in the coming months and years. ”
Adryan Creswell - Head of Commerce
Increase in revenue
Jan to June is 88% up on 2020 and 143% up on 2019.
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