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Strutting towards organic success with Luxury Legs

Luxury Legs specialises in providing customers with premium legwear and shapewear from some of the industry's leading brands, focusing on ensuring that each product at Luxury Legs is crafted using the highest quality materials so that customers can enjoy a seamless legwear experience.

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Luxury Legs have witnessed a +58% increase in revenue

YoY Jan 2020 vs 2019
YoY Jan 2020 vs 2019
“We have been incredibly pleased with the growth we have seen since partnering with Visualsoft and the stats really speak for themselves. We're looking forward to watching the Luxury Legs brand grow even further with the continued support from VS, particularly leading up to Q4 season.”
Stephen Sheldon - Owner
YoY Jan 2020 vs 2019
Luxury Legs partnered with Visualsoft's SEO team to expand their audience base through technical audits in order to highlight any areas of improvement. The team also focused on revamping onsite content and new outreach opportunities which created major visibility gains in the latest algorithm updates.
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